Grupo Internacional HispanoÁrabe, S.L.


Company leader in the constituted field of foreign trade since 1997 -

We are a company specialized in the foreign trade, and commercial export introduced in the International Trade, we worked with a variety of products of different sectors, worked as a consultant for foreign trade with the Arab world and Africa, through temporary contracts or long term contracts.

Business policy in Foreing Trade,  and company objectives:

- Introduction

Before making our paper within G.I.H.A. specific and serious like international intermediaries, we wanted to indicate which reasons are the most important as a lack of this Spanish presence in Arabic countries, that with our intermediation could correct.

Like a first point and perhaps like a fundamental point, this the problem of the language, that without any doubt has often been an unsalvable point in international commercial relations. It is very well-known that the communication is the main axis and fundamental point in a company, and its relation with the outer surroundings. And if this communication, is not made in a language that dominates to both parts without a doubt, the message can arrive distorted, getting to create misunderstanding. This, without any doubt is supposed to be a difficulty added to the one to establish a commercial relation, and it is often a barrier at the time of signing contracts, being related to companies, relation of economic supplies, etc.


This barrier of the language fundamentally reffers to the fact, that Arabic countries had been French and English colonies during many years, before obtaining independence; what became original is, that in these countries English and French language dominate. This point is evidently fundamental at the time of establishing international commercial bows.


This spacing by the language has been tried to palliate going to the commercial intermediaries. Actually there exist intermediaries in the international field that the Castilian dominates and that realize operations in Spain; but these are very bad sights by the Arabic countries so that the industralists do not trust themselves in these intermediaries who often look for their own benefit in the collection of the commission, in a prejudice of the commercial operation. The use of these intermediaries has often got to even complicate the commercial transaction instead of benefitting it.

Another point is the lack of Spanish enterprise marketing in these countries. The Spanish companies have occurred to know very little in these countries; there is but it does not have any presentation. In addition, Spain at international level is more well-known for  its tourism that for their industrial and enterprise capacity, that is the reason why these countries have not approached Spanish companies either even if were interested in initiating international commercial contacts.


- Objective


Let us to explain what is our work about and which would be our main objectives to fulfill.


The first great objective and, practically, that  includes and summarizes to the rest, would be the presentation of the Spanish companies in the Arabic states.


Established the previous basic objective, the development individualized of the same one, would give rise to the following concrete developments (for an exemplified and non-limitative reason or purpose):


a) To look for greater contracts  in construction, Technology of the electricity (projects of electrification of cities), Projects of telecommunications, Technological Projects, Medicine Projects, Projects of Cleaning of rivers (water Purification), contracts for petroleum search, etc.


b) To advise and to inform Spanish companies about economic, financial, social and political situation of countries with those who want to have international contacts. This is the point without a doubt fundamentally at the time of making first contacts with these countries, despite of the fact, they are in war, or that  have a political regime that will imply that the international relations were developed by a  peculiar way.


c) To make exhibitions in the Arab countries of products and projects of Spanish companies to present the possibilities of these countries that these Spanish companies have in the field of the Construction, Petrochemical, etc.


 d) Ssearch demands of the Arab countries through the Chambers of Commerce or  other own commercial channels, putting them evidently in contact with Spanish companies of the sector that can serve what they ask for.


e) To manage or to mediate the obtaining of permissions of fishing at a very low price or including gratuities  in Arab countries. Many Arabic countries do not use all the capacity of fishing they have, fundamentally because do not have the sufficient infrastructure to  develop their fishing potential; in addition, although they had such structure in many cases have a lack of  real capacity for its export of the means and lack of adequate contacts.


f) Translation of projects, labels, catalogues, documents, publicity, etc.; as well as a service of interpreting  when representatives of Arabic companies come to Spain or, on the contrary, when Spanish representatives have to deal with Arab countries.

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