International Projects

In this sector through our department of international projects we offer to  companies that work with us and we facilitate all information about projects of general or public work of the Arabic world like:

A. - Projects of construction.

B. - Technology of the electricity (projects of electrification of cities).

C. - Projects of telecommunications.

D. - Technological Projects.

E. - Medicine Projects.

F. - Projects of cleaning of rivers (treatment of waters).

G. - Contracts for petroleum search, etc.

Another objective would be to search permissions of even gratuitous fishing at a very low price or in Arabic countries. Many Arabic countries do not use all the capacity of fishing that they have, fundamentally so that do not have a sufficient infrastructure like facing the potential fishing capacity. And in addition, although they did not have that structure either could remove that fishing to the foreigner so that they do not have appropriate contacts.

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All the projects, analyses, certificates and documents are officially registered to the name of the Hispanic Arabic International Group, GIHA, S.L .