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Information about Spain


Information about the Arabian World

In our web sites you can find connection to all types of commercial and cultural information about Spain that can be useful for a visitor, student or businessman of the country.

Mainly we want to inform you about all types of commercial and cultural information of the Arabic countries, including images and initial data of each of the 22 countries that form the Arab League.

 Spanish communities

We present its own site to the Spanish communities, including basic information of the region and official, educative, cultural organization connections etc.


 Tourism arabe

We have displayed Arabic countries through images of each one of them, an image is more valuable than thousand words...

To see our site of Arab Tourism .

 Art and Architecture of the A the Andalus

The influence of the Arab culture in Spain is very current  in Andalusia. To see our site of Art and Architecture of al-Andalus .

Our guide of museums does not forget to inform about cultural experience offering through its museums to Spain.

   Letters arabes

You can be familiarized with the Arab letters and its practices in our Web page in Arab.

To see some selected stories of Arab Literature, poems that wake up the passion and the understanding between people and cultures.

 Spanish universities

If you are a student and you are interested in studying in Spain, do not doubt and see connections with the Spanish Universities .


Vestibule I magnifies on the news even investigation about the Arabic and Islamic world, we can not do more than admire and recommend this initiative taken by Alharaca.org



Our vestibule of Agriculture, Cattle ranch and Fishing includes essential connections how to inform about the situation of food production in Spain.

Interesting articles and links about on the Health  are presented, including medical information and connections to hospitals and magazines .

   Vestibule of the Islam

If you have any doubts or you only want to know more about the Islam religion we recommended you our Vestibule of Islam.

Grenn Islam, the digital magazine, offers the last news and articles about the Islam.


The object of the present work is to present a global form reflections of historical and archaeological character in relation with the origins of the Mosque of Cordoba and to present the last results of the archaeological investigations carried to the building.


Al-Khwarizmi (780-850)

The most well-known Arabic mathematician, is Mohammed Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi (780-850), also well-know as a  father of algebra .
Just a few people know that he lived in a first half of the IX. century and he worked tor a library of the caliph in Bagdad.
He wrote books about geography , astronomy and mathematics. In its work called  
Artimética ("Algoritmi of I number indorum") he explains with details how the decimal and zero system used in India work. Work of great importance because it contributed to the diffusion of the Indian numeration system and to the knowledge of the zero.

Group of Hispanic-Arabs and Medieval training

Arabic edition and translation of texts, and Castilian medieval historical text editing .

Medieval period (Arabic-Islamic and Castilian) of the History of Murcia.

Andalusí legal Literature.




In principle verbum erat: "at the beginning it was the word", they say sagradas writings, and what it is the word byt the expression of a thought modulated in a pertinent code?

The Old Egyptians constructed the mitological complex of Menfis considering to the God named Ptah, the Gentleman of the Word, like the true Creator. Ptah pronounced words that immediately were materialized. Nevertheless also they disappeared in the air as they went to being pronounced when lacking an suitable support to stay in the time. Vestibule I magnifies on : THE ART OF THE ISLAMIC CALIGRAFIA

 Cycling The national Spanish sport is without any doubt football, to see our links to official sites of equipment and players...   Photos of Mosques (Muslim Temple) in Mecca and other cities

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