Activities and policy of HispanoÁrabe

1 . CONSULTATIONS on foreign trade between Spain the Arabic world and Africa.

2 . COMPANIES REPRESENTATION, studies of markets and marketing for importers/exporters in these zones.

3 . TRANSLATIONS Spanish, English, French, Portuguese , Galician, Arab.

4 . REPRESENTATION CONTRACTS in the commerce by Internet.


1 . Foreign trade consultations on the Arabic world and Africa

We worked as a commercial consultant specialized in a foreign trade with the Arabic world and Africa, and facilitate all necessary information for the companies that want to open commercial channels with those zones.

2. Representation of companies in the world Arabe and Africa, studies of markets and marketing for the exporter to the Arabic world and Africa

We represent Spanish companies in areas where we are introduced through our commercial channels, representation offices and marketing, which we worked for a long time with. This representation is made in government projects and auctions with a mediation of local partners, for which, studies for those companies are also made that try to open branches, direct sale offices or to produce within that market, in addition, we unit like brokers by means of representation contracts icluding for the Arabic world and Africa; on the other side, we act like only exporting representatives of those products, that we chose previous market study and with favorable acceptance verified in these areas.

3. Spanish, Arab translation, English, French, Portuguese, Gallego

We have a great team of translators of guarantee specialized in the translation of all type of texts, catalogues, labels, or Spanish projects to Arab or to any other language previously mentioned.

Another service we provide is the one of broker who will accompany to any company its walking, visits or commercial mission to the markets mentioned before.

4 . Representation contracts in the world of commerce by Internet

Through our experience in the Web International, we offer to the companies that look for introducing itself in the local or international market, all information about a manufacturing company or services, about its products and their direction in individual form during the use of the contract that keep with us.

The representation contract does not imply to change the name of the manufacturer in the labels, which entails that the mark of the product with the name of the manufacturer is presented and well-known in the area where we offer this product.

In addition, as previously exposed, we made all type of web designs  for companies or individuals in the languages mentioned before, dominion registries  and other services ordering us to lodge its pages in our servant, including the maintenance of the same ones.

T ype of contracts:


By means of this type of contract we represented the company in the Arab and or African markets through our page of Internet in Spanish, English, Arab or and by means of our next branches and commercial contacts.

The expenses on this service will be reimbursed by a represented manufacturing company or a presented service.


By means of this contract we represented exporting as much to a company manufacturer as to services, by the term of a year, until managing to reach the profitable minimum amount of the product that is contracted, giving rise if it is obtained to the extension of the contract until ten years.

Shipments of samples and catalogues with all the information of the contracted company, will be paid at expense of the manufacturer.

Before signing this type of contract usually we send samples to one of our offices of marketing, to analyze the viability of acceptance of the product in the market, and according to the obtained results, we reached the agreement to sign this contract to distribute the product within countries of going.


At the same time of looking for an import company interested in some product that we represented in the Arabic or African world, we made the following steps:

1. We sent a supply through Internet or fax, with the images of the product.

2. Our supplies contain product listing, prices, the viable time of delivery and the corresponding commercial certificates that accompany this product, as well as minimum amounts.

3. Our prices are F.B.O. Spain of the Port of Valencia either other Spanish ports, or C.I.F. port of the importer.

4. The modes of payment are carried out by means of letter of credit of a bank of first class, or of a bank that is accepted by our bank or by means of banking transference to our account.

5. When we received the conformity to work with us like importer, we sent the contract of cooperation to be subscribed and to be sealed by the importer company, as well as visa sent by the Chamber of Commerce again as a subscribed copy.

6. We sent sufficient samples of a product for all necessary tests by a cost of zero euros. The expenses of the transport of the samples will be reimbursed by the importer.

If any of our services correspond with your interest, and you find our project reasonable, we can send you a previous request, a model contract that responds to a representation service that you are interested in.

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