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El caballo arabe 

Image: The Arab horse, Shah Namen, the Book of Kings de Firdaoussi.


The exhibition " Arab horses and riders in arts of the East and the West "it demonstrates all type of objects to us where it appears a representation of the horse or Arabic rider . This so particular collection can be enjoyed in the Institute of the Arabian world in Paris , France until day 30 of March 2003.



Abdel Wahab Morsi

Image: Titled work "From life" ( 1964 ) of the Egyptian Abdel - Wahab Morsi .


Works of contemporary Egyptian artists of painting, sculpture, ceramics and handwriting can be seen in the cultural section of ( Arab and English)



Arquitectura islamica

Non only the Islamic architecture is presented in religious and official buildings in the Arabic world, but also particular houses with distinguished patios. The vestibule Islamic Architecture ( in English) created by "Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization " allows us to visit the Arab house, that has never been considered as totally completed or finished...


To savour with the Vista some Arabic original plates in our section of plates and Arab desserts .

 Plates arabes
Image: Costillar de Cordero

 Kitchen of the world
Kitchen of the world: Oriente.medio ( Castilian )

Cookingsite: Plates of Lebanon (English)




It discovers a world of symmetry and understanding with Algebra

"the Arab and Muslim legacy that has arrived to us, goes beyond the figures in a mathematical text" .

To see some articles on the Arabic medicine and the surgeons who have influenced the modern medicine.

The Arabic medicine; an introduction

The first great surgeon; Albulcasisi

The medicine in the Middle East; Avicena

The Arab medicine of century XIII

Image: The Arab surgeon Abulcasis (936-1013 d.C.)



We presented our gallery of traditional suits and Arabic fashion supplements .

 Suits arabes
Image: Ramallah Roumi, nuptial white dress, with plate embroiderings with threads of red silk of Palestine.



Cheb Mami

Image: Cheb Mami


The " RAI " from Alegría presented by Cheb Mami is a mixture of Arabic rates western rock and sonorous pop influences generating an innovating music without losing its Arab roots. In the Spanish market their discs, like the recognized "Dellali", are sent by Virgin Mint. offers a catalogue of Arab artists to provide you a purchase "on - line "and in addition contains numerous connections of cultural interest.



Una cama a cualquier precio


In Spain the film released is "A bed whatever it costs " directed by the Khaled,young person the Hagar, according to everything an Egyptian Almodóvar.




Danza oriental

The Eastern dance can be practised , including the famous dance of the belly through the courses offered by multiple studies of dancing in all the country.

Brief history of the Arab dance by Alejandra Weil of Argentina.


A personal Vista on the dance of belly by the young person Gisela de Balvanera.



To learn how to pronounce the Arabic letters with examples of Arabic words.


´a, ´u, ´i (similar to the Spanish vowels to, or, is)

Arnab (rabbit)

b (similar to the Spanish b)

Bait (house)

t (similar to the Spanish t)

Tej (crown)

We recommend connections to learn Arab:

"Learn Arabic" of Average Sakhr (English)
To learn Arab of ( francés)


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