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The Vitamins


The Minerals



Within each section you will find a menu in the left side, through as you will be able to sail and to consult the different Councils from the same one, of such form, that within the section:

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The Allergies:

In this section you will find all type of information on the allergy to the dust, the acaruses, recommendations, prevention and treatments.

The Contraceptives:

All related to the pill, the contraceptives, abortion, day later, names in the different countries from Europe, preservatives....

The Baby:

All the related one to the care of the small one of the house, buttock, eyes, ears, their feeding, the stomach ache of the suckling baby.

The Cancer:

All the related one on different pathologies, symptoms of alarm, methods of diagnosis, and many things more.


One of the visited sections more, includes information on the Acne, the Alopecia, dandruff, seborrea, cellulitis, psoriasis, dermatitis, atópica dermatitis, foot of athlete, warts, types of skin, prurito, striae....

Dermatology - Lupus:

All the related one to this rare disease of the skin, as much sonbre Erythematous Lupus Systemic (THEM), like on Lupus Eritematoso Discoide (LED)


All the related one to this pathology that every time affects more people: Diagnosis, types, treatments, insulins, changes, infantile diabetes....


Information on multiple upheavals of the alimentary canal like constipation, celiaquía, acidity, hemorroides, null and voidable colon, biliary litiasis, gastrointestinal ulcer.

Digestive - Diarrea: Prevention, sintomatología and treatment.


All the information that the citizen of a foot needs to know on this new modality of medical prescription.

Hypertension: Information of utility on this pathology, coronary factors of risk, etc., of which, the pharmacy is the first site where it is possible to be detected.


Section where you will find information on the treatment of different pathologies by means of this alterative medicine.


Basic, antibiotic concepts, antrax or carbunco, legionella, influenza, flu, treatment of the febrile syndrome, infections of throat, hepatitis, fungi, tuberculosis, diseases of sexual transmission, chickenpox, etc...

Infections - Bovine:

In this section you will find the calendar of vaccination of all the autonomic communities, as well as information on the vaccine against the meningitis, rubeola, influenza, cólrea, yellow, triple fever viral, poliomielitis, rages, tetanos, diphtheria, tosferina....


If you are woman, this one is your section, you will find information of interest on the headache, osteoporosis and other subjects here that surely would interan to you.

Woman - Pregnancy:

Another one of the sections more visited of the page Web, in which the future mother and the father, will mainly find all type of information and answers type of subjects, feeding make-up, trips, basket, beauty, etc.


Advice for the parents on its feeding, the enuresis, the fever and its treatment, the lice....

The Our Greater Ones:

Advice for its correct feeding, domiciliary attendance in Andalusia, etc.

Sport Nutrition:

Advice and useful information for all those that wish to take care of themselves practicing sport.

Obesity: Another one of the sections stars, in which you have available information varied on different subjects from interest, tables of weights and foods, diets, etc.

Ophtalmology :

New section, created from several advice located within other sections. In her you can consult the typical ocular problems, the conjuntivitis, diabetic retinopatía, the care of the eyes, and many things more.

Ortopedia and Sport Medicina:

Averages, strips, wristband, kneepads, elastic or of neopreno, lumbago, stiffnesses, cramps and much more.

Medicinal Plants:

Dedicated section to provide information on possible phitotherapics treatments of different pathologies.


Section in which we included different subjects from general interest like the depression and antidepressants, alzehimer, the acute appendicitis, the sciatic one, urinary incontinence, hipercolesterolemia, drop, poisonings, hemofilia, painful shoulder, insomnia, lumbago, general malaise, mareos, the eyes, burns, snores, heavy trombosis, legs, angiodema, urticaria, sciatic, etc...

Health - Artrosis: All the related one to this degenerative process, including the new treatments, and the gastropatía by Antiinflamatorios nonEsteroideos, more known like AINEs.

Health - Pharmaceutical Attention:

Pharmaceutical attention Online of Diabetes and Hypertension. Next also on the tabaquismo.

Health - Buccal Hygiene:

Information of interest on different subjects, like the periodontales halitosis, decays, gingivitis, diseases, the dental, tooth paste, colutorios toothbrushes, silks, etc.

Health - Vehicle:

New norms on alcoholic graduation for the conductors, and information on the effects of drugs on the conduction.


Information varied on different subject related to that the pharmacy of your district serves, like donation of medicines, information on adverse reactions, cartonaje of medicines, the different types from medicine kits: for house, car, travels..., drillings, the effects of the cisaprida one, the fenilpropanolamina, first aid....

Smoking habit:

Without a doubt the visited section more of TuBotica, in which you will be able informarte on the different treatments available to leave the smoking  habit, as well as information on the effects of the tobacco, epidemiology, the Smoke, the EPOC, the crises and relapse, etc...


Everything what must know on Violet rays Extreme, advice to take the sun from safe way, on the solar otitis, burns, punctures of insects, medusas, etc., like taking care of the swimming pool, etc.

Summer - To travel:

All the information on the different diseases, infections and other pathologies that the traveller needs to know before going on a trip, or inside or outside Spain, as they are the diarrea, insolation, punctures of medusas, diseases transmitted by insects, etc.

Veterinary medicine:

Advice for your small mascot, the aftosa fever, pathologies of the horse....


So that they serve, the necessities of the woman, in the sport, stress, pregnancy, of the skin, etc.


Allergy, Asma and Imunología Pediátricas
Alergología and Clinical Inmunoloy
Annals of the Medicine Faculty
Annals of Internal Medicine
Spanish annals of Pediatry
Medical annals
Anestesía, Analgesía, Resuscitation
Notes of Public Health
Argentine archives of Pediatry
Archives of Bronconeumology
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Primary Attention
Bulletin of Experimental Treatments Against the AIDS
Bulletin Weekly Epidemiologist
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General Surgeon
Clinic and Investigation in Arteriosclerosis
Endocrinology and Nutrition
Professional Pharmacy
Sanitary Newspaper
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Therapeutic information of the National System of Health
Investigation Clinica and Bioetica
General Medicine
Integral Medicine
Reproductive Medicine
Parasitology to the Day
Population Reports (Spanish)
Public Psychiatry
Revisions in Cancer
Magazine of Sanitary Administration
Magazine of Endocrinology and Nutrition
Magazine of the Spanish Society of the Pain
Familiar and Communitarian Medicine magazine
Magazine of Nefrología, Dialysis and Transplants
Magazine of Neurology
Magazine of Neuropsiquiatria
Spanish magazine of Cardiology
Spanish Legal Medicine magazine
Spanish magazine of Chemotherapy
Spanish magazine of Reumatología
Spanish magazine of Health Publishes
Medical magazine of Chile
Pan-American magazine of Public Health
Practical Toko-Ginecologi'a
Pan-American Urología


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