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 Henri Matisse
Image: "Inner with black fern", 1948, Henri Matisse.


The Guggenheim museum of Bilbao exposes a collection of three outstanding works made by painter Henri Matisse . You can approach Guggenheim until the 16 of February of 2003 , to appreciate a series of last works of the French painter.


Marruecos en el recuerdo

We recommended the virtual gallery " Morocco in the memory ", a series of photographies exposed by Xarxa Museus of Valencia.


The cultural tracks of the Muslim presence in Spain are considerable.

You can appreciate the Muslim heritage in the section Art and the Architecture of al-Andalus

 To The Andalus



Spain offers a great diversity of cultural sensations as in the landscapes and of their people as in the kitchen, each region has its local products that comprise plates, desserts and typical drinks.

Caldereta Extremeña

Image: Frontier small boiler of lamb.


There is one long tradition of gastronomy in Spain, of that is as spoken as enjoyed tasting. A daily familiar life passes around her. You can appreciate Spanish food in a house, as well as in pubs or restaurants and for the fans there are special routes for all the tastes...


Connections recommended on Spanish prescriptions :

 Prescriptions of Spain

Prescriptions of Spain

A cocinar

To cook


Spanish prescriptions by community
The Prescription Vestibule of the world organized by regions.





Maria Jesus Lopez
Charif Dandachli
To face the task of choosing a subject to develop this work within the framework of the subjet "Introduction to the History of the civilization of Al-Andalus" we have decided to approach to the subject of the knowledge and use the medicinal plants in Al-Andalus by several reasons...



Pedro Rosas
Image: Vest and blue skirt with steering wheels designed by the young Pink Pedro promise.

You complete tendencies of female and masculine fashion they are in the footbridges of Spain , which they emphasize on the footbridge of Cibeles ( Madrid ) and the Gaudi footbridge ( Barcelona ) .




Cafe Quijano


The group lions Quijano Coffee third disc has achieved the success with his "the tavern of Buddha", presenting a mixture of Latin sounds to Quijano.



Web of the popular television program on pop music directed to the Spanish young people Musica If


Ismael Serrano

Image: Cantautor Mountain Ismael.


To the margin of the songs of the summer and I complete digital sound follow the cantautores defending the folk music followed by I publish faithful to its favorites.


To see our connections of the music of the deep moan of Arab origin, the Flamenco one :

Cultural Tourism; Flamenco

Festivales de Flamenco




El caballero Don Quijote


The famous adventures of Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes have taken to the great screen by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón . With the film " the horseman Don Quixote " has tried to give certain historical rigor and wanted to present a greater horseman of the habitual image.


Los lunes al sol

Image: The actor Javier Bardem interpreting to "Santa" in the film "Mondays to the sun"


The last film by Fernando Leon de Aranoa " Mondays to the sun " has been a proposed success to represent Spain in the Oscar , being a group of men in the daily fight by the dignity in a difficult labor situation.


The Spanish openings are presented with a synopsis in the CineSpain vestibule



" The Sevillanas are, probably, the most popular folkloric Andalusian manifestation and most internationally spread. .."


You can learn how to dance the Sevillanas by Internet with the course that offers the Vestibule "Streets of Albero and Manzanilla"

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